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In Memoriam: Fellow IAMFSP Member, CAPT David M. Brown, USN, was a crewman on the Space Shuttle Columbia lost on February 1st 2003 Dr. Brown was a Naval Aviator and Flight Surgeon. He was 46 and this was his first mission.

This mission (STS-107) had been delayed several times since its original planned flight in July 2001.

Dr. Brown was a Past-President of IAMFSP and the original author of this website. He is dearly missed.

Who Are These Guys?
The mission of IAMFSP is to promote the enhancement of the effectiveness of military aviation through increased understanding of the physical, pathological or psychological factors associated with the flight environment. IAMFSP affirms that this is best accomplished through research, analysis, teaching and the provision of informed operational guidance.
Our core membership consists of Flight Surgeons who are qualified as Military Pilots, but we also welcome pilots with other aerospace human factors-related or medical training that share our values of enhancing human performance and safety in the military aviation environment. We represent significant experience in a wide range of aircraft and aeromedical topics. Our members come from around the world, including the United Kingdom, Slovenia, Germany, Sweden, Israel, Canada and the United States. The IAMFSP is a Constituent Society of the Aerospace Medical Association (AsMA).

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AsMA 2007
The Aerospace Medical Association (AsMA) 2007 Annual Scientific Meeting was held from May 13-17 2008 in New Orleans, LA
AsMA 2004
The Aerospace Medical Association (AsMA) 2004 Annual Scientific Meeting was held from May 2-6 2004 at the Convention Center, Anchorage, Alaska.  It was the 75th Meeting of the association!
AsMA 2003
The Aerospace Medical Association (AsMA) 2003 Annual Scientific Meeting was held May 4-8 2003 at the San Antonio Convention Center, San Antonio, Texas.
AsMA 2002
The Aerospace Medical Association (AsMA) 2002 Annual Scientific Meeting was held in Montreal, Canada
AsMA 2001
The Aerospace Medical Association (AsMA) 2001 Annual Scientific Meeting was held May 6-10 2001 at John Ascuaga's Nugget, Reno, Nevada. The meeting's discussion panel topic continued the previous year's basic theme: Current Aeromedical Concerns in Operational Military Aircraft (View Schedule)
AsMA 2000
The Aerospace Medical Association (AsMA) 2000 Annual Scientific Meeting was held May 14-18 at the Westin Galleria Hotel, Houston, Texas. Each year the IAMFSP sponsors a scientific session dealing with current operational topics. AsMA 2000's discussion panel topic was: Current Aeromedical Concerns In Operational Military Aircraft Re: Escape, and Crash Survivability Systems (View Abstracts)
AsMA 1999
The Aerospace Medical Association (AsMA) 1999 Annual Scientific Meeting was held May 16-20 at the Detroit Marriott Renaissance Center, Detroit, Michigan. The annual IAMFSP-sponsored scientific session dealt with the following operational topic: Military Flight Helmets - Is Head Protection Still Important? (View Abstracts).
AsMA 1998
May 17-21, 1998 were the dates of the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Aerospace Medical Association at the Seattle Convention Center.
The annual IAMFSP Panel (Laser Eye Protection Tutorial) was held Tuesday, 19 May, from 1400-1530:
Protection of the Aviators Vision from High Intensity Light, A Historical Review (Tredici)
Lasers and Laser Eye Protection Technologies
(Kang and Maier)
The Laser Threat
Laser Exposures in Military and Civilian Aviators
Laser Proliferation in Tactical Operations
Aircrew Laser Eye Protection Programs
Additionally, Past President Malcolm Braithwaite was the coordinator for a panel held Wednesday May 20th 1998, and entitled: Countermeasures to Spatial Disorientation - International Initiatives (see the Winter '98 Newsletter)
AsMA 1997
Minutes of the 1997 Business Meeting in Chicago 1997 Panel on Night Vision Goggles (Abstracts)


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