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President's Column


Greetings from the UK.  I'm certainly looking forward to the Houston warmth (although I'm just about to get a pre-taste during a short vacation in Spain!).


Thank you for a flurry of responses after the Jan 00 Newsletter on the mission statement and resolution.  After some to-ing and fro-ing, the mission statement now looks like this:


The mission of IAMFSP is to promote the enhancement of the effectiveness of military aviation through increased understanding of the physical, pathological or psychological factors associated with the flight environment.  IAMFSP affirms that this is best accomplished through research, analysis, teaching and the provision of informed operational guidance.


The resolution remains as originally drafted (as below):


WHEREAS:  the field of aerospace medicine requires a unique application of medical skills and knowledge.


WHEREAS:  notwithstanding the excellent performance of all involved in the support of the aviator, the pilot-physician is best placed to direct the effort to these unique requirements.


THEREFORE IT IS RESOLVED:  that the International Association of Military Flight Surgeon Pilots strongly recommends the training and employment of physicians as military pilots.


I have had some suggestions from Edmond Feeks and Frank Austin about incorporating  "back seaters"  into the resolution.  I agree in principle but am awaiting some suggested words!


I hope that we can approve these at the business meeting .  Another chance for E-mail debate!


Talking of meetings, we all remember that time is short so please give these (and other) matters some consideration before May.  The draft agenda is on the following page - I am happy to take agenda points prior to the meeting (up until 11 May after which I will be heading stateside).


AGENDA FOR 2000 Business Meeting (Westin Galleria; Houston TX)


1. Introduction


Approval of 1999 Minutes (available in Summer 99 Newsletter; see website also)

President Report-- Malcolm Braithwaite

Vice President Report-- Pete Mapes

Secretary/Treasurer Report-- Dwight Holland

Webmaster Report-- Harry Hoffman

Scientific Program Chair Report (2000 and topic for 2001)-- Kris Belland 

National Reports (preferably also with electronic text to Secretary before the meeting).

AsMA Constituent Status Discussions


New Business


Adjournment to Social


I look forward to participating in a great panel, working with you at the Business meeting and, once again enjoying a convivial social gathering!


News from UK will be forthcoming in the National Report at the Business meeting there should be 3 Army SAMs in attendance.  I might even have a picture or two to show you!


Kind regards,





 Vice President’s Report


Greetings from sunny Texas, USA!  Every once and a while, it is great to sit back and recognize some of the contributions made to our organization.  The IAMFSP certainly has a great bunch of proactive members.  Harry Hoffman has done a superb job with the website that Dave Brown initiated many years ago.  Dwight Holland has really done well as the secretary-treasurer and has put together some really fine communications while making excellent use of e-mail.  Malcolm Braithwaite is providing some fine leadership from the UK. The membership roster is replete with people who have directly contributed to the organization in the recent and distant past.  In fact, it resembles an international "who's who" of aerospace medicine expertise.  The panel session at AsMA should be another well received presentation and I am glad to see so many contributions from so many individuals.


This meeting I step down from the AsMA Membership Committee Chairmanship and pass the torch to yet another IAMFSP member, Dr. Glenn Merchant.  IAMFSP is continues to be well represented in the AsMA structure as well.  We are close to Constituent status in AsMA and well-received by the rest of the organization thanks to the efforts of all of you.  I look forward to seeing you all in Houston!


Best Regards,





AETC Pilot-Physician

Flying Training Division

Directorate of Operations

Headquarters, Air Education & Training Command

DSN 487-7892/6341


Program Chair Report


Just a reminder, we have two great IAMFSP sessions planned for

AsMA 16MAY00 1400-1730 in the Galleria III room.  The following is a

synopsis of the presentations:


Historic overview of aircraft escape and crash survival systems.

J. Baker and D. Brown


Emerging Technologies, automatic recovery and ejection systems-over

the horizon.

K. Belland


Ejection seats-An historical sampler of assisted escape devices.

R. Munson and M. Grost


T-38 Escape system: A technical assessment.

R. Billings, L. Rogers and L.Glover


Comparison of current ejection seat technologies.

P. Mapes


Development of the international space station CRV: Concepts and


S. Johnston, J. Baker and J. Muratore


Helicopter airborne escape and crash survivability systems.

P. Johnson


Human interaction with deploying airbags.

R. Banks and R. Harding


Analysis of crashworthy factors in British army air corps helicopters.

M. Braithwaite


Ejecting with NVG: an overview.  J. Antonio


Passenger evacuation trial on the military transport aircraft. 

P. Bridges, S. Brown and M. Glanfield


Space shuttle airborne escape system.

J. Bagian, Col., USAFR, MC, SFS Patrick AFB, FL.


Very Respectfully Submitted,


Kris M. Belland



NOOM NAS Fallon NV 89406-5000

W: (775) 426-3910 / 3112

Pgr: 1.800.971.6104


Secretary-Treasurer/Newsletter Editor Report

Once again hello to all from the twin academic towers of the University of Virginia School of Medicine and the School of Engineering at Virginia Tech.  I am excited about the meeting next week in Houston, and after asking Harry to post this on the Website-- I will hand-carry copies of this newsletter to Houston for our overseas members to have copies of at the meeting.  This will save us some money on overseas postage, which is a fairly big chunk of our budget each year.


It is important to try and save as much as possible so we can continue to enjoy the “social” we have been doing last year and this one.  These are quite expensive, and so any monies that can be saved (or invested) elsewhere sure come in handy.  Planning for the social these past weeks has resulted in the following decisions with regard to the social:


1. It will be held in the same room this year as the Business Meeting on May 17.


2. There will be a pasta bar, fruit and imported cheese spread, and a drink bar.


3.  This is designed to be a light dinner for everyone.  If you are REALLY hungry, all of the USAF types can go down the hall to the USAF Social and have a few bites and order a couple of drinks.   ; )


This is a way of “paying back” our members for their faithful renewals each year and adding to the time we can all visit with each other in this community.


Last year was our first formal social that was scheduled,  and everyone had a great time, so the officers decided to try it again this year.  In a way, it allows for more networking opportunities across service and governmental lines, and promoted group unity.



A. Membership Numbers:


Based upon new members,  and a cross-check with AsMA HQ where needed, we have 87 members that are countable toward onstituent  Society status.  A couple of members are in the “corresponding” category.   If every member recruited 1/4 of a new member-- we could achieve Constituent  status by next year with a voting seat on the AsMA Executive Council.


B. Treasury Status:


Since some members have paid early, the treasury is doing quite well.  Our members are responding to dues calls in the past year or so with enthusiasm.  As of April 30, 2000, we have the following balances:


Checking:     $  280.34


Savings:  $  260.01


Money Market:     $ 4584.46  


Total Resources on April 30, 2000:   $ 5,124.81


Total Resources:   $ 4,282.72 this time last year at the Annual Meeting (before social)


C. Members Dues Status’s


The number indicates the year paid through.


Shepard Stone  99, 00, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08

Bob Ryan 99, 00, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 05, 07, 08

James Baker 99, 00, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05

Frank Austin 99, 00, 01, 02, 03

Jim Roudebush 99, 00, 01, 02, 03

Andy Davenport 00

Paul Lilly 99, 00, 01, 02, 03

Lee Harvis 99, 00, 01, 02, 03

Fred Kelly 99, 00, 01, 02, 03

Dwight Holland 99, 00, 01, 02

Kevin O’Toole 99, 00, 01, 02

Joel Erskin 99, 00, 01

David Jones 99, 00, 01

Tom McNish 99, 00, 01

Mike Adams  99, 00

Andy Anderson  99, 00

Byron Hepburn 99, 00

Pete Mapes 99, 00

Tom Travis 99, 00

Mark Ivey 99, 00

Michael Simmons 99, 00

Jan Linder 99, 00

Glenn Merchant 99, 00

Tom Tredici 99, 00

Fred Leonard 99, 00

Bruce Bohnker 99, 00

Kris Belland 99, 00

Dave Salisbury 99, 00

James Webb 99, 00

Bob Munson 99, 00

Steve Blizzard 99, 00

Per-Gunnar Larson 99, 00

Michael Bagshaw 99, 00

Malcolm Braithwaite  99

Paul Cain 00 (Malcolm will deliver)

Leroy Gross 99

Graham Cresswell  99

Ian Curry 99

Michael Harrigan 99

Lex Brown 99

Y. Goeff Caine 99

Ben Kallener 99

Rob Monberg 99

Tomaz Kozelj 99

John McNamara 99

Andy Bellenkes 99

Henry Taylor 99

Jim Perry 99

D. Secretary/Treasurer Recommendation:


I suggest that we take  $ 2,500 (minimum allowed) from the Money Market Fund, and invest it in the International Warbus Pincus Global Telecommunications Mutual Fund (WPGTX).  This fund is about 1/3 US, and 2/3 overseas.  The recent volatility in the US stock market has not hurt this fund very much relative to other funds, and it is cheaper right now than at any time in the past year .  The fund invests in wireless and tele-communications companies.  Since the world is moving in that direction as a general trend, and we need a source of income to sustain our social costs without increasing dues, I believe we should consider this as “New Business” at the Annual Business Meeting in Houston, TX.


I’ll pass out copies of the Warbus Pincus prospectus at the Annual Business Meeting for your review and discussion.


Again, copies of this Newsletter will also be present to save on mailing costs to our friends overseers that are not on-line with us at this time. 


PLEASE, update your email addresses, pay your AsMA dues, and keep us and AsMA HQ informed as to your moves.  It is a real challenge tracking you guys down when these addresses are not updated !


Thanks to our good friend, Harry Hoffman who saves us SO MUCH money by the website he has setup and maintained.  This allows us much more financial latitude and we are all deeply grateful.


In summary, it has been a pleasure and honor serving this organization as the Secretary/ Treasurer for the past year.  Keep those notes and whereabouts coming !


Very Respectfully Submitted,




Dwight Holland, Capt., USAFR

Virginia Tech/University of Virginia

Naval Air Test Center/Aircrew Systems

540 774 3465


Webmaster/WebWizard Report


Following delays related to the takeover of by Yahoo,

the IAMFSP Website has been updated:


There are issues regarding the ongoing maintenance of the website

that should be discussed at the Houston Business Meeting.


We have an e-mail list (eGroup) for our organization.  Members may

subscribe by sending a blank e-mail from the account they want

affected to:  <>


We also maintain a listing of all members who wish to make their

e-mail addresses known to the rest of the membership.  Please check

your listing.  If yours needs updating or you know of updates or

additions for other members, please contact Harry Hoffman <>

or Dwight Holland <>



Harry Hoffman




---------------IAMFSP E-Mail List as of 05/10/00------------


(not available in online edition - see hard copy or eGroup postings) 


News of Members:


Jim Baker


Recently moved to Arizona as the Director of the Avaition Studies Program at the Prescott Campus on Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.  Also mentioned in a rercent issue of AIR AND SPACE, and AVIATION WEEK AND SPACE TECHNOLOGY, as the first pilot to fly under the hood with the vibrotactile  instrument ensemble. Jim was our first IAMFSP President and is a charter member Congratulations, Jim!


Andy Davenport


Dr Andy Davenport has just graduated from Officer Training and has been commissioned a 2 Lt. !  Congratulations, Andy.  Andy will soon be attending pilot training in Oklahoma.


Lee Harvis


Not much from the research front.  Completed AC HH-60G qualification course in Sept. As for operationally, I just returned from Kuwait in March.  4th time deployed with the 66th Rescue Squadron- second time to Kuwait.  This time as a pilot-physician.  Was deploy Director of Operations.  Spent 65 days straight on alert.  Flew 18 missions in support of Operation Southern Watch.  Tried to see all of my unit for medical issues.  Working in the Nellis hospital 2 days a week and ADO/ medical director for the pararescue section/flying the other 3 days.  The unit has been keeping very busy. 


See everyone in Houston. 




Dwight Holland

Successfully defended my Ph.D. in Human Factors and Systems Engineering in January at Virginia Tech.  Have a Special Edition of an International Journal I co-edited with my advisor Dr Woody Barfield that just came out on “Applications of Virtual Reality and Wearable Computers for Medicine.”   Am going to be serving as a reservist in Aircrew Systems at the Naval Air Test Center beginning in Spring 2000.  Returning to Medical School to finish up in September.  Giving 3 paper s at AsMA, so very busy here !  Flying everything from an occasional Citation V to Sundowners as time permits (less than I’d like).

Fred Kelly


My son set up the URL and locked in the domain name. I'm busy with Microsoft Front Page 2000 developing the web site and should be ready to publish it in a few weeks. The web site will be (is)  The new book is doing ok, and I've even gotten a few very small royalty checks.


It's only available at and their toll free number is 1-877-BUYBOOK. I think this print-on-demand method of publishing will take over the industry. We'll see.


See everyone in Houston.  After that, I have a date with some trout in Montana.




Paul Lilly


We are living here on Smith Mountain Lake while we build on our farm inForest --- architects, builders, permits, roads, ad nauseum!!  I bought a Cat 955 so will do some of the work myself plus want some extras that I can do rather than paying someone else.


Professionally will ( might! ) do some locum tenens, a bit more flying with Falwell Aviation as instructor and perhaps some charter but mostly Betty Jo and I will enjoy our freedom to travel utilizing our Seneca III.


See you in Houston !




B/G Jim Roudebush


I will be leaving my command at the Malcom Grow Medical Center at Andrews AFB this July to become the Air Mobility Command and TRANSCOM surgeon.  In that position I will have the opportunity to participate in the great work that is underway in restructuring Air Evacuation to meet the challenges of the evolving global mission.

Look forward to seeing you in Houston.  




Jim Roudebush


Bob Ryan


Updated phone number is 671-472-3447 here on Guam.  Pager and cell phone remain the same.  Anybody who comes through Andersen AFB, give us a call.


Bob Ryan


Tom Travis

Our last IAMFSP president, is now serving as Chief of Aerospace Medicine for the USAF at Bolling AFB in Washington, DC.