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Harry Pitts Hoffman, M.D., M.P.H.

1942 – 2004



The AsMA meeting in Anchorage, Alaska was a resounding success, with a record number of abstracts submitted.  IAMFSP was extremely visible at that meeting with a super program led by CDR Pete Wechgaeler, USN as our Program Chair for the well-attended two-session IAMFSP panel.  Thanks Pete, great job!  Another IAMFSP-sponsored session on Fatigue issues lead by new member Maj Jeff Armentrout, USAFR from Brooks Performance Enhancement Division was a tremendous success, with many positive follow up comments from that session getting back to me through the grapevine.  There was standing room only for that 90 min session.  Jeff Armentrout also collected dues and helped out as our on-site Treasurer since our fine out-going Treasurer Maj Pat Lowry, USAF could not be there.


I am very sorry both personally and professionally to have to report the death of our Webmaster Dr Harry Hoffman on May 11, 2004, of an apparent sudden heart attack just after he returned home from the AsMA Meeting.  Just days before, Harry received the IAMFSP President’s “Unsung Hero” Award for his many years of faithful work on the IAMFSP website.  He had just finished converting the IAMFSP website over to a new provider this spring.  That project took many long hours, and he will be missed.  In fact, I was quite concerned about Harry’s health for a while as he was fighting a near-secret battle with a rare form of cancer over the past several years.  Bravely, Harry wanted his disease kept quiet, except to a few folks here and there, since he “did not want any sympathy…”.  He fought the disease for years to a standoff through a highly experimental protocol of magic-bullet chemotherapy, and in the end he survived the cancer, but succumbed to what appears to be a massive MI. 


Interestingly, the last pictures of Harry Hoffman in life were taken by our Corresponding Secretary CDR Ed Park, USN  as I presented Harry’s Award to him at the AsMA Meeting.  He told me 2 nights later over drinks how much he really appreciated it, and was so happy to see all of his old Aerospace Med buds around at the meeting.  Since I knew of his illness, I wondered as I gave him the award if we would see him at another meeting, since you just never know about these experimental protocols.  Thanks to Ed Park getting me the pictures from the award presentation.  I passed these onto his family for his funeral, and they really appreciated them.  Since Harry’s passing, Ed Park and I have been in extensive touch with Harry’s daughter Shelia Hoffman, and she has gone back to Harry home to make sure that the videos of previous IAMFSP meetings were preserved for us and history.  I cannot thank her, Ed Park for follow up, and Harry Hoffman himself enough for preserving our history in this manner.  I understand that our fallen astronaut past-president CAPT Dave Brown, USN is on one of the videos running a meeting just before he was selected as an astronaut.  Ed Park now has the key to the website, and I expect he will be working hard to update it and recover from Harry’s loss.


I wrote a tribute to Harry on behalf of IAMFSP, and as a friend, before Harry’s Funeral for his family.  His sister Diana Hoffman Regan wrote back on 31 May 04 saying “Finding the words to express our appreciation is very difficult.  Your beautiful ‘Tribute to Dr. Harry Hoffman’ is a lasting remembrance for us.”  I was happy to do it.  IAMFSP sent him a large spread of flowers for his memorial service.  The flowers had Navy Blue and Gold and USAF White and Blue intermingled, signed “Godspeed Harry Hoffman, from your many friends in IAMFSP.”  I noticed his 2 IAMFSP awards were prominently displayed at his wake, along with other mementos from his USAF and USN career.


Looking now toward the future, our former President Col Pete Mapes, USAF will primarily lead the IAMFSP panel this year.  I suspect that Maj Jeff Armentrout, USAFR and I will lead a second panel on fatigue-related matters.  Please contact any of these individuals if you are interested in an abstract submission.  The AsMA deadline is usually in late October. 


I want to thank the other officers for their constant support this year and getting us through the meeting.  Maj Kathy Hughes, our Membership Chair, keeps the database up to speed, and she ALWAYS gets back to me soon if I have a question.  Maj Pat Lowry did a stint as Treasurer, despite falling and hurting himself in the late fall, and volunteered for another term (thanks so much, Pat!).  In a very close election, our former Program Chair CDR Kris Belland, USN will assume the Treasurer duties after he gets home to San Diego.


Lt Col Mark Adams, our Newsletter Editor, won the other IAMFSP President’s Appreciation Award in May 04 for his OUTSTANDING work and timely reminders as our Newsletter Editor.  I cannot say how easy working with him has been, he keeps us focused and on time with newsletter inputs.


My current commander, long-time IAMFSP member Col Lex Brown at Brooks, deserves my-- and the organization’s-- thanks for fully supporting me and Jeff Armentrout in our office, and for allowing us to attend the AsMA Meeting on military orders—thus better serving IAMFSP.  It has been a pleasure working with him and his team in the Flight Performance Enhancement Division at Brooks this past year.


Lastly, our Pres-elect (VP) CAPT Dave Hiland, USN handled all of the arrangements for room and food at the AsMA Meeting.  Knowing that Dave handled all of that sure took a load off of my mind.  And, he did a great job at this as all in attendance could see.  CAPT Hiland is involved in every aspect and decision-making in this organization, has been an excellent VP, and will serve his 2 year Presidency starting in May 05 without missing a beat.  He also is serving as our AsMA Nominations Committee Representative.  If you aspire to higher office in AsMA, please let CAPT Hiland or me know, and we will go from there.


So, I wish you all a fine rest of summer, and I’ll have more to say about some specific initiatives on my mind in the late Fall 04 Newsletter.  Until then, “Hit em Straight!”, check six, and get the gear down.  If you need anything write me at


Godspeed, Harry Hoffman.



Dwight Holland, Ph.D.

President IAMFSP (03-05)



Contrary to any rumors or reports in the AsMA Journal, Dwight Holland is still your President of IAMFSP.  Dwight has lots of energy and good ideas and I highly recommend that we should keep him.  Earlier this year a representative from AsMA headquarters asked me about our officers.  Although I provided the correct names, I failed to include the pesky detail that our president is elected for a two-year term.  Dwight continues to do an outstanding job of leading the charge and I am darn glad for it.


Unfortunately IAMFSP has lost a long term and very key member.  Harry Hoffman passed away shortly following the Anchorage meeting.  Harry was one of our U.S. Naval Aviators and for many years he volunteered countless hours of support for IAMFSP.  As the Web Wizard, Harry personally established and maintained our Web Site.  Despite his severe illness in recent years, Harry sustained his efforts for our organization.  I will miss his friendship.  The July “Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine” journal has a nice obituary for Harry.


I want to welcome Kris Belland back home.  Kris just checked in from his tour as an aircraft carrier Senior Medical Officer (SMO).  A SMO tour is an all-consuming task and for Kris it was even tougher job because of the added logistical challenges of being home ported in Japan.  Kris is our newly elected Treasurer.  If you wish to contact Kris or send him money, his temporary email is 


Bill Busch, Chairman for the U.S. Navy’s Aeromedical Dual Designator (AMDD) program, reports that the Navy’s newest AMDD, Rod Borgie, has completed aircraft carrier landing qualifications in his Fleet Aircraft, the S-3.  Rod is unique in that he is the only Naval flight surgeon in the last several years who was selected for flight training.  The U.S. Navy AMDDs are usually former aviators who have re-treaded into medicine.

In the spring newsletter I mentioned that we were nominating IAMFSP members for officer positions in the Aerospace Medical Association.  I am extremely happy to report that Michael Bagshaw, M.D. is AsMA’s President-Elect and Commander Andrew Bellenkes is one of only four AsMA Vice Presidents.  Thanks to Dwight Holland’s never ceasing efforts to network, the IAMFSP has established a very positive presence within AsMA.  Former IAMFSP President Tom Travis has been elected as an AsMA Member-At-Large as well. 

Dwight Holland has been appointed the Executive Committee of AsMA as one of three Members-at-Large, and also was just elected as the future President in 2005-2006 of AsMA’s Space Medicine Branch.  He will serve as Pres-elect this year of the Space Medicine community this year, in addition to his IAMFSP duties.  Congratulations to all IAMFSP members that have attained such responsible positions in AsMA.

Our evening social and business meeting in Anchorage was well-attended this year.  It is not possible to avoid conflicting with all other constituent meeting times and social events but we will continue to try and choose an evening that allows for most of you to attend.  This year we tried a Tuesday night meeting at the suggestion of many members, and of course that conflicted with one main event that was an AsMA- wide meeting.  There is not a good night to do this, but your officers are trying to listen to suggestions from the membership. 

The 76th Annual Scientific Meeting of AsMA will be held Kansas City, MO and the call is out now for papers.  Thanks to your efforts, the IAMFSP panels were again excellent this year.  The deadline for abstract submission is October 28 and Dwight and I hope that you will be able to help continue the IAMFSP tradition of interesting and well-attended panel sessions.


Dave Hiland, CAPT, MC, USN

Vice President, IAMFSP

Navy Environmental Health Center

620 John Paul Jones Cir, Ste 1100

Portsmouth, VA 23708-2103







Just returned to the office from traveling 5 out of the last 6 weeks and looking forward to life settling down a bit.  Of course, a month-long flight detachment to Kaneohe Bay, HI isn’t too hard to take but the down side is all the work waiting for one’s return.  In that regard, I’ve now moved to the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) Senior Flight Surgeon billet vacated by CAPT Bill Yauneridge on his retirement after 31 years of service. Bill was one of the USN’s senior dual designators, a helo pilot and Marine Corps aviator. Some of you may know him, despite that he has not been particularly active in AsMA or IAMFSP over the years.  His retirement ceremony was held here at Pax River on June 16. He plans to locate to Pennsylvania.


In the wake of Harry’s unfortunate and unexpected death, Dwight asked me to assume the duties of webmaster.  I’ve successfully transferred Harry’s website hosting account to my control but need to iron out some technical issues before I will be able to fully manage the web site.  I expect to have that done shortly and you should soon see some changes to the web site.  I have some ideas for improving the functionality of the site but welcome additional ideas from the membership.  After all, the site is one of our tools for enhancing communication within the organization and between members and is our internet “face” to the rest of the world and there is much that can be done with it.


While the Yahoo Mail Group remains functional as a communication medium, we currently do not have administrative control over that service because it was created under a different identity than the web site account and, thus, we do not have access.  Bear with us as we work this issue.


More to come…





Membership chair, for the second year in a row!  Either no one else wants this job, or I managed not to anger enough people to lose it….kidding of course, it is a great way to become familiar with all the outstanding people in IAMFSP.  The database has been redesigned for easier access and quicker updates, and I am glad to respond to all requests of the membership for location and contact info for another IAMFSP member.


I would also like to express my sadness at the news of Harry Hoffman’s death.  Although I did not get the chance to work very closely with him, I felt a profound sadness at his sudden death.  We should all feel very proud to be part of this wonderful organization that he was so dedicated to.


My regular pitch goes out to all for updates for address, email, and phone contact information.  For all those lucky enough to still be on active duty, it is the summer move cycle and lots of members are enjoying yet another PCS.  So, when you reconnect your home computer, and visit our website (it should be the first one you log into everytime you go on the web!) and send an update.  You can also send one directly to me at


Maj Kathy Hughes







Currently, IAMFSP has total financial assets of $1420.48, with just over $355.06 in a seed “endowment fund” Dwight Holland has set up in a separate account in Virginia.  Please continue to email or call with updates to addresses or other information.  Upon request I will send our membership database as an email attachment.  I encourage everyone to send dues to me ($15/year, made out to IAMFSP); if you are overdue or just want to get ahead:


Pat Lowry

14502 Redwood Valley

Helotes, TX  78023

(210) 695-2561


Again, we also accept contributions specifically earmarked for the endowment fund account.  Any contributions are fully tax-deductible for US citizens—I cannot comment on other nationalities.  We plan to grow the endowment account and use it to eventually pay for IAMFSP Awards, plaques, and to help offset other annual costs.

Thanks,  Pat Lowry



Just checked into Third Fleet as the Fleet Surgeon.  Will have medical oversight for all Naval medical assets from Alaska to South America and from San Diego to past Hawaii.  Looking forward to helping the team out as IAMFSP's Treasurer. 









AsMA 2005




IAMFSP will sponsor sessions on Spatial Disorientation and Loss of Situational Awareness at AsMA in 2005.  I've got a number of papers that I've done since November ready to go but I've only heard from two other presenters as of yet.  (Actually - that's not bad for July)  I'd like to encourage everyone to beat the bushes for good quality presenters and have them contact me.  My e-mail is and my home phone is (937)426-0760.  My phone at work is (937)255-0425.


N.B.  Dwight, Maj Jeff Armentrout and Col Brown's office are thinking about getting a "Recent studies and lessons in fatigue" panel together again.  Please contact Dwight for more details.




I need to encourage all of you to think about the AsMA awards and suggest nominees to me if you know of any IAMFSP members who are worthy of being nominated.


Sincere Best Regards,


Pete Mapes





No particular update from the British Army this time, except to say that our previous newsletter editor Paul is now back in UK after an excellent job done in Iraq.  His email address is:




Dear IAMFSP Members


Effective 20 July 2004 my location is changed to:


David B. Gillis MD PhD MPH

Wyle Laboratories

1290 Hercules Drive, Suite 120

Houston, TX 70058

Office telephone:  281 461-2617

Office email:                

Personal email:


I have accepted a position with the Clinical Systems Development Group in support of on-orbit and exploration missions working with Wyle/UTMB/NASA under the Bioastronautics contact.  I am very pleased and excited at this new opportunity. 


Dave Gillis





This edition is a little thin on the ground when it comes to news from members, so I urge you all to let me know what you or your organisations are up to.  Please send newsletter submissions as a Word Document.


It is the second time as editor that I have presided over an edition which carries news of the sad death of one of our outstanding members.  The photograph of Harry at the beginning was taken as he graduated from the Naval Academy.  The last photograph of Harry while he was alive (below) was taken as he received the IAMFSP President’s “Unsung Hero” award at AsMA this year.  I would like to add my small tribute to Harry by including a poem, known to many of you, which was written by an American, who served in the RCAF, and died over England in a Spitfire in 1941.


Kind regards,


Mark Adams






"High Flight"

Oh! I have slipped the surly bonds of earth
And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings;
Sunward I've climbed, and joined the tumbling mirth
Of sun-split clouds - and done a hundred things
You have not dreamed of - wheeled and soared and swung
High in the sunlit silence. Hov'ring there,
I've chased the shouting wind along, and flung
My eager craft through footless halls of air.
Up, up the long, delirious, burning blue
I've topped the wind-swept heights with easy grace
Where never lark, or even eagle flew -
And, while with silent lifting mind I've trod
The high untrespassed sanctity of space,
Put out my hand and touched the face of God.


John Gillespie Magee, Jr.